Fast-forward to 2017: Top home design trends to watch out for

Make 2017 the year to do some home improvement, especially if you have been putting it off for quite a while now. Home improvement doesn’t have to be grand. It can be as simple as changing that couch, ditching that décor, or repainting the living room. Below are some of the trends for the home to consider next year:

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Warm is cool

The days of white paint and cool-toned neutrals are over. In 2017, terracotta is forecasted as the color to go for. This color will add coziness to the home. But, keeping it matte is highly recommended.

Pastel and soft silhouettes

Pastels will continue its reign next year, as follow through to this year’s Pantone colors. Spring colors like blush and lavender are set to take center stage in interior design, matched with soft silhouettes and feminine patterns.

Revamped vintage pieces and repurposed items shares that furniture pieces from the ‘60s will resurface, but will be tweaked for a modernized appeal. The retro vibe will not only manifest in chairs, but also in lighting fixtures and even in beds. Those fancy beds that you see in old movies, with velvet headboard, are going back in style.

Meanwhile, repurposed items are also seen to make it big in 2017. Furnishings will have a combination of organic and contemporary touches.

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More about interior design and other home-related topics can be read on this blog for Sassan Kimiavi of Bethesda, Maryland.


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