Toward a Green Future: Sustainable Architecture

Sustainability has become an essential part of almost every industry because of increasing consciousness about climate change, aggravated water and air pollution, and depletion of natural resources. In construction and architectural design, sustainability is also integral, with buildings and infrastructure focused on minimizing ecosystem deterioration, maximizing human comfort, and maintaining a livable environment for future generations.

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Some of the elements of environmentally sustainable architecture are the following:

Energy efficiency
Renewable energy generation technologies are constantly being developed to help a house or building limit its fossil fuel consumption. Solar panels can be installed to harness the power of the sun and convert sunlight into energy, while wind turbine systems are also being used in strategic areas.

There are design elements that can promote energy efficiency, as well, such as insulation technology, roof vents that permit hot air to flow out, increasing the size or darkening the shades of windows, and others.

Water heating
By installing a solar water heating or an electric heat pump hot water system, a home can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 80 percent. The former is also a cost-effective means of producing hot water as it uses a free source of energy – sunshine.

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Sustainable materials
Sustainable architecture involves the use of environment-friendly components or appropriate, recycled materials, including reclaimed lumber and recycled copper, among others. It is also needed to limit on-site construction wastes that could be harmful to nature.

As the CEO of a real estate development firm based in Bethesda, Maryland, Dr. Sassan Kimiavi has extensive knowledge on the design and construction of houses. For more about his work, follow this Twitter page.


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